Our methodology

In The Bravo Language Academy we work on a relaxed and playful learning experience with less use of books, especially with children, with whom we use play techniques including use of movement, sensory and manipulative exercises, songs, role plays and other activities in which they learn in a practical, and meaningful way.

In the case of students  who are in the school stage they are followed up with constant support and parallel reinforcement according to their requirements whilst always looking for the easiest and most enjoyable way for them to learn. Knowing needs helps us to adapt our teaching to the objectives that they must overcome, so  we can guarantee a higher percentage of success in school. In addition to this, we usually do workshops on related topics which is a positive influence on   their learning.

For adults, whether English or Spanish classes for non-native, we try to keep to the same techniques. We follow a progressive encompassing grammar, vocabulary   covering everyday situations with informal language  common, sayings and expressions that will  oral practice, reading and listening comprehension. For this we work a lot with and  extra conversation classes and special themed workshops in which you learn in a more practical way.

“Tell me and I forget it, teach me and I remember it, involve me and I learn it” -Benjamin Franklin.

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